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Building a home in Southern Alberta is as exciting as it is challenging. All of us have heard “scary” construction stories of contractors not following deadlines and budgets or ignoring the client’s vision for their dream home. Truth is, to have a smooth process filled with positive moments, you need a reliable and experienced construction company by your side.

Ramton Homes is your perfect choice! If you work with us, the construction process will be far from scary. Our team takes a personal approach to every project and always prioritizes your needs. With our years of experience and quality craftsmanship, we simplify the process, so you can enjoy all the beautiful aspects of it.

The company owners, Rob & Amy, are action-oriented, with impeccable attention to detail, and have respect toward clients and sub-traders. Their work ethic creates relationships based on trust, honesty, and integrity.

2021 Award-Winning Home “The Casa Coulee” –

Here are some other benefits of choosing our team and building a Ramton home in Southern Alberta:


At Ramton Homes, we take quotes seriously, as it should be expected from every professional construction company. We understand how exciting and confusing building a custom home can be. That’s why we empathize with you and fully respect your vision, timeline, and budget.


From land zoning to building codes, construction projects can easily become complicated when there’s no one to steer the ship in the right direction. Our team’s expertise and creativity will easily navigate the project through the deep waters of the construction industry and make your dreams a reality!


At Ramton Homes, we are happy to alter plans if necessary. For example, when a client wants to make changes to the initial plan, we will try our best to satisfy their wishes and, if it’s possible, we make it happen! Our team will never leave you hung out to dry. Instead, we are always there to help and smooth out the process.

2021 Award-Winning Renovation “The Prairie Oasis” –


Sometimes, building a custom home can seem a little abstract and scary for new homeowners. That’s why we organize consultations and walkthroughs during all construction stages. You can also follow the construction process online, through a homebuilder software program. However, we love when our clients come for on-site visits. It makes us love our jobs even more!


Ramton Homes collaborates with Progressive New Home Warranty. With our warranty, you will get one-year coverage for labour and materials, two for mechanical systems, five for the building envelope, and 10-year coverage for structural defects. After the project ends, we contact our clients every three months for the first year, just to ensure that everything is going well.


Rob & Amy started Ramton Homes in 2008 and the company has never stopped growing since then. We have built custom homes in various styles across Alberta and have done countless custom renovations. We have also won awards for 7 of our projects: 5 for custom homes we built and 2 for custom renovations.

With Rob’s rich background in carpentry, cabinetry, and concrete construction; Amy’s background in business and real estate, our lead carpenter Charles’s background in residential construction; and our construction manager Laura’s background in all areas of construction, we doubt there is a better team for building a home in Southern Alberta.

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