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The hype and excitement that precedes possession day is next level!  Years of dreaming, planning, and implementation are all wrapped up and a new chapter of living, loving and enjoying your new home is about to commence. 

Leading up to the big day of handing over the keys we have a few things to take care of, starting with:

Pre-Possession Walk-Through

Possession day is all about celebrating your new home, so  approximately 1 week before the big day we are going to complete a pre-possession walk-though to review all the nitty gritty details.   At this walk-through your home is nearly turn-key, with only a few items that may need to be wrapped up – final cleaning, final paint, and a few other odds and ends needing some attention.

First we review all the mechanical – plumbing, heating, and electrical. We give you an overview of all the systems, how they work and what is required for service and warranty.  Our experienced trades look after your warranty and services for many years, so they are on site going through every detail too.  This may be overwhelming but don’t worry this information is all conveniently part of a package we supply at possession for you.

Second we review all your appliances.  All the appliances are commissioned at this point so we ensure you know how to use all the technology and know what is required for cleaning, service, and warranty.  

Third we review the fit and finishes around the house.   Being a pre-possession walk-through there may be some deficient items.  We review everything, making notes and documenting any deficiencies. We don’t get to this point of a build without checklists and inspections, so we are confident in our quality. Also up to this point you have trusted us to build your dream home and we won’t disappoint. 

Fourth and final, we review all the paperwork for possession.   This includes financials, legal documents, and warranty.  Not always the fun part but it is necessary.   Don’t worry, no surprise “extra” bills at this point, everything is up to date.

The time between the pre-possession walk-trough and possession day we are busy making sure every detail is looked after.  At Ramton Homes possession day is a celebration of a completed home and a job well done. 

Possession Day

It’s finally here, one of the most anticipated days of your life!  With your family in tow you get to experience your new home complete for the first time.  It doesn’t matter how many times you’ve been in your home,  this is an encounter like none other! All the meticulous details, new home scents, and warm cozy feelings will enhance the experience.   No more packaging, light covers, or floor protection.  Your new home is perfect just as you expect it to be!  

Our Ramton Team will tour you through your home, briefly touching on some of the aspects we already reviewed in detail during the pre-possession walk-through.  This is an opportunity to check out the home theatre,  lounge, outdoor patio, or converse in the gourmet kitchen and tell some stories about your home.

If you have been lucky enough to experience a Ramton possession you know there are always lots of treats and surprises! Food, snacks and drinks are always a must-have for this celebration.

As we pass on the keys to a job well done you can settle into your new home with confidence knowing we are here for the Ongoing Care for the life of your home.  We took pride in building your home and want it to have the same TLC for years to come.

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