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At Ramton Homes we define a Custom Home as something that is designed specifically for you, our clients; a “one of a kind” reflection of your dream/vision. This can be in the middle of the prairie, on the side of a coulee, in the mountains, or on any lot with a predefined building boundary.

The creativity and design of a Custom Home is only limited by your imagination… and the realities of architecture, land zoning, and building codes.

There are several steps that define a Custom Home Build. These four points define the start of a true Custom Built-Home.

1.) Create a Budget.
Creating a budget for your new custom home is key to the next steps. Land costs, size of home, and location all play a large role in the budget.

2.) Acquire Land.
Acquiring the right piece of land for your Custom Build is very important. Does it fit in the budget for your new home?

Accessibility and location are also critical. How far is it from work or school? Are all the roads paved? Is it the right size? Will you be able to fit the home of your dreams on this plot of land?

If your pets are larger than a dog, the piece of land will also have to allow for that.

3.) Draw Blueprints.
We have designers and architects to complete this part of the job. Our team takes all your dreams and make them into a visual reality.

Building around certain trees and placing windows in the best location to maximize the views are some of the advantages of custom designs.

These are all done in 3D so you can see what every room looks like and get a feel for the new space.

If you already have blueprints, Ramton Homes has a checklist to ensure that those plans are up to our standards. Our standards ensure all blueprints we use are up to code, show all the detail necessary for our trades, and, most importantly, include making sure that you understand your blueprints.

Most commonly, we will put these plans into our system so we can show you in 3D what your home will look like.

4.) Make Selections.
The selections available with a custom home can seem endless and overwhelming. Home owners often have ideas that they want and can make educated decisions based on style and budget.

Selections usually require the help of a designer. Our designers talk with you to gain an understanding for your style and budget, and they can source products that are affordable and custom to you.

At the end of the process, a Ramton Custom Built Home is built just for YOU; it will be just the way YOU want it to be. Your opinions and tastes will be the final word on what is created for you.

At Ramton Homes, we strive to meet all our customer needs whether they are big or small. We would love to build your dream home! Please contact us to begin the process or answer any questions you might have.

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