Deciding to build a home is an exciting time of your life, with so many decisions to be made. Are you ready to build your own dream home, but are unsure what direction is right for you? We’ll share some key differences between custom builders and volume builders to help you better understand which suits you best.

Cost versus Quality

Simply put, its’ impossible to have the best quality home for the cheapest price tag. While both these factors are very important to both Custom Builders and Volume Builders, they each place emphasis on their priorities.

Volume builders typically compete over price. This does not mean quality is not important to them, moreover, they focus on how to deliver a home for competitive prices. This often means buying supplies in bulk, minimum building code requirements, limited selections, pre-defined layouts, and other factors that help to keep costs lower.

Custom home builders generally compete over quality. While cost is still an important factor, custom builders do not sacrifice quality for the sake of saving a few dollars. Often custom builders build homes that exceed local building requirements and include products that are sure to stand the test of time. They also have the knowledge and experience of providing custom quality structural and cosmetic features to your home.

Customizing versus Custom Building

Many people use these phrases interchangeably when referring to home building, but it’s important to note the difference.

Customizing a home refers to making slight alterations to an existing floorplan or model; maybe changing a bonus room out to become a fourth bedroom or removing a bedroom to create space for a an ensuite and WIC. Typically, volume builders offer options to “customize” their existing floorplans to better suit your family’s needs, however, this is not truly custom building.

On the contrary, custom building means planning, designing, and building specifically for you. It involves creating new plans from scratch with the help of skilled professionals. By understanding what you want and need, a custom home builder can cater to your personal requirements and save on items that aren’t essential to you.

Another Number versus Unique Experience

Have you ever felt as though you were “just another number” and you didn’t receive the personal experience you were looking for? Planning and building a home is a process that can take months or even years depending on the complexity. For a more exclusive and personal experience opt for a custom builder; they are usually smaller companies with fewer staff who invest their time into you as an individual. We aren’t suggesting that volume builders do not provide that personal approach, moreover, their focus lies on the sales quantity rather than the individual. With increased volume of clients, it’s easier to get lost in the mix and become just another number. Custom builders focus on making sure you are involved every step of the way, and ensure you receive that unique personal experience you’re looking for.

Restrictions Versus Flexibility

Building with a volume builder often limits your choices to their pre-defined packages or selections. Although they may be customizable, the costs incurred for changing from builder standards are quite exorbitant.  Most often you are restricted to certain subdivisions, specific floorplans and pre-set finishing choices. This doesn’t mean you don’t have choices and decisions, but they are limited to what that builder has set out in their agreement.

Custom builders have the flexibility and adaptability to provide you with limitless possibilities. They are better equipped for complex projects and are prepared to build on acreage lots with differing terrains, provide you with a one-of-a-kind floorplan geared around your lifestyle, and offer infinite options for finishing. Volume builders simply don’t have the time and resources available to accommodate this approach.

Overall, building with a custom home builder will provide you with a unique personal experience, a high-quality built home, the flexibility to design around your lifestyle, and a completely custom built home.

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