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Let us tell you three valuable reasons why it’s the best idea to choose a builder using construction slots with a schedule.

Reason #1

As a custom home builder, we know, the level of detail that goes into each home is astronomical. For this reason, we use construction slots. Planning and staggering our start dates, helps us work effectively, knowing how many builds we can successfully manage at one time. We ensure our construction schedule for each job fits into an available construction slot. We live by the age old saying “if you fail to plan, you plan to fail”. Many builders take on whatever work they can, regardless of the timeline, stress, and excess work it causes. This leads to mistakes, extended timelines, and unmet expectations. Scheduling planned construction slots helps us perform to our fullest potential, as we can order materials and schedule our trades well ahead of time to ensure our projects stay on track.

example of Gantt Schedule details
The image above shows a glimpse at one of one of our Schedules. Every detail is noted in these comprehensive plans.

Reason #2

Creating predetermined start times (construction slots) for projects benefits YOU as a client in so many ways! You can trust that we plan ahead and know exactly when every job will start and end. This allows us to provide each of our amazing clients the one-on-one time they deserve, while delivering quality crafted custom homes. We have time to work on every detail because we schedule for it. This guarantees we do it correctly, efficiently, and in the timeframe presented to you.

homeowners reviewing schedule

Reason #3

Last but not least, construction slots help our trades. The last thing we want is trades having to rush work or have multiple major projects on the go at once. This leads to missed details and cut corners.  We hand-select our trades based on their skill, quality & detail. We continue to use the same trades repeatedly – as they produce superior work, and are passionate about what they do. It’s for this reason too, that we use construction slots. We stagger workflow throughout the year with the best trades working on your home and doing the best job.

Trades Planning on site

To sum it up, we use construction slots for three valuable reasons:

US – We have planned the time to build your home right

YOU – We provide you the one-on-one time you deserve

TRADES – We Schedule the best trades far in advance

Want to know when we have available construction slots? Send us a message to find out now.  

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