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What gets you to this point?

You know its time to remodel that boring ensuite when…. the old jetted corner tub is being used as a plant holder during those cold winter months. The toilet is so awkwardly positioned that sitting on it causes you to hit your knees on the wall in front, and yet the paper holder is placed so far away…well let just say it’s tricky. One sink for two people!? Since when is this legal? The shower head is about shoulder height and is controlled with a dial that gives only three consistent temperatures, cold, hot and really hot!

“Saving trees”

Being environmentally responsible is a must in 2017. This all starts with reusing as much of the old material and fixtures as possible. One persons trash is another’s persons treasure. Selling or giving away old material and fixtures not only saves the landfill but also the bottom line on tipping fees. It’s easy with kijiji and local swap and buys. If the price is right there will be a buyer.

When purchasing the new fixtures, look for low flow and dual flush! Shower heads, faucets, and toilets can be the biggest water wasters in a home. Installing efficient low flow fixtures can save up to 30% of water usage. Performance doesn’t just come from the amount of water flowing from a fixture. Efficient fixtures restrict the amount of water and use pressure to ensure performance. These few purchases are great for our environment and will save some bucks.

Is resale in the cards?

Ensuite and kitchen are the number one selling features of a home. The ensuite is at the top of the list of things a buyer checks when shopping for a new home. A remodelled, up to date shiny ensuite will put you at the top of the list over any other potential listings. Not only would you be rewarding yourself with a brand new ensuite but you are also raising the value of your home and making it a solid catch for that potential buyer. Not letting the cat out of the bag when I say, everyone knows an ensuite reno can be a great return on investment.

Make it Sexy

Your ensuite needs to be functional, efficient, and sexy. Whether it’s a bright white or black and chic, your ensuite can be

transformed into a spa like atmosphere for you. Soaker tub, tile shower, glass partitions, and floor heat all add to the ambiance.

The ensuite is the first place you go in the morning, and when you leave you intend to conquer the world!

Ramton Homes is a certified RenoMark renovator. Click here for more info!

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