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Kitchens are the number one deciding factor for any new home purchaser. So, it is critical that every kitchen designed by Ramton Homes be fresh, functional, appealing, and inspiring.

Our design process involves you, the homeowner, to ensure we are building the kitchen of your dreams. Design is the most important element of your kitchen—we will consult directly with you, to ensure the work is performed within budget and that the plans meet your specific needs. Whether your style is traditional, transitional or contemporary, we are passionate about helping you express your personal taste.

The kitchens in our custom-designed homes are typically open and inviting, featuring stainless steel appliances and quartz countertops. Stylish yet functional hood fans help bring the look of the space together. Modern kitchens are no longer stark white; warm color schemes are used to create a relaxing, welcoming environment.

Our designs aren’t just visually appealing; they’re also functional. We make sure your kitchen design puts everything in the right place, maximizing ergonomics and ease of use.Virtual 3D drawings help define the space before construction starts.

Building the kitchen in your dream home is important to us. We include soft-close cabinet doors and high quality, maple dovetail drawers with undermount sliders, selecting quality materials that prolong the life of the kitchen while also maintaining the look.All our cabinets are built and sourced locally with only top-grade materials.

Ramton Homes designs our islands to be a key component of the kitchen. Our islands are developed and built to cater and entertain as a transition between the living space and the food preparation areas. Their secondary use is functionality and food prep. But first and foremost, they are designed to integrate with the rest of the area. 

We also make sure all the little details are just right for you. This might include unique kitchen items such as pot holders, drawer organizers, or small appliances like built-in espresso machines.

At Ramton Homes, we strive to meet all our customer needs whether they are big or small. Whether you are planning to build your forever home, or you are just starting out—we would love to build your dream home for you!

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