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“The kitchen is the heart of the home” is an age old saying, that has been used for years. Loving your kitchen is so important! It’s the place you gather with friends and family for cooking, baking, visiting and laughing together. No wonder so many people want their kitchens eloquently designed with functionality and style; people spend so much time in their kitchens. Kitchens are the place to enjoy dinner parties and holiday get togethers, the place where lasting memories will be made, and years of laughs will be shared.

At Ramton Homes, all of our kitchens are custom designed and crafted, locally, just outside of Lethbridge. The precise level of detail and expertise that goes into a Ramton kitchen is second to none, encapsulating timeless details, seamless workmanship, and unsurpassed quality.

Take a browse through these homes Ramton has built, showcasing 20 clever and functional design integrations.

1. Lift-Up Appliance Garage

kitchen island lift-up appliance garage

So many people love their kitchen Aid mixers, but the question is “Where do you store them?”. Many people put them in the pantry. However, then you have to lug them out every time you want to use them. Instead, opt for this lift-up appliance garage solution, which easily hides under the kitchen island, yet is readily accessible whenever you need it.

2. Custom Cutlery Drawers

custom cutlery drawer

Whether it has custom dividers within the drawer itself or has individual slots for each utensil, custom cutlery drawers keep everything neatly organized and easy to find.

3. Wooden Peg Drawer Organizers

wooden peg drawer organizer

Store your dinner plates, salad bowls and other dishes in drawers with this wooden peg organizer system. It keeps your dishes easy to reach for younger children and still easily accessible for adults too.

4. Pull-out Spice Racks

kitchen spice rack pull out

Everyone knows the struggle of looking for that one spice bottle hiding at the back of the cabinet. Take the hassle away, by incorporating a spice rack pull-out (or maybe 2) in the design of your new kitchen.

5. Pull-out Liquor Caddy

kitchen liquor caddy

Pull out liquor caddies are a great way to store and access your liquor. You can easily reach everything from the front to the back. And that top shelf is the perfect place to store small gadgets (corkscrew, bottle opener etc.)  

6. Butler’s Pantry

butler's pantry

Cooking for company has never been so easy. Take a peep inside this butler’s pantry, complete with a full-size fridge/freezer, double wall oven and microwave drawer; not to mention the sprawling countertops with undercabinet lighting. Keep the mess hidden in the pantry, while you enjoy visiting with company in your kitchen.

7. Plumbed in Miele Espresso Machine & Coffee Bar

plumbed in Miele espresso machine

That morning cup of coffee has never tasted so good! Enjoy the luxury of a Miele Espresso machine in your coffee bar, with fully integrated plumbing ensuring you never have to fill the water again. This coffee bar has added bonuses too, including 2 fridges (one for beverages, the other for milk & cream) and a bar sink & faucet, along with plenty of storage.

8. Stove Top Pot Filler

kitchen stove top pot filler

The luxury of integrating a pot filler above the range is like no other! The ease of filling a large stock pot is effortless and makes kitchen prep a breeze. We love how this cabinetry frames the range on all sides, and the custom hoodfan seamlessly ties into the cabinetry.

9. Pots & Pans Drawers

kitchen pots and pans drawers

Incorporating deep drawers underneath or beside the range allows you to organize & access all your pots and pans. No more bending over reaching to the back of the cupboard, or stacking pots inside one another. Drawers are the way to go for pots and pans storage.

10. Vertical Tray Dividers

kitchen vertical tray dividers

Store all you cutting boards, muffin trays, cookie sheets and cooling racks with solid tray dividers. No more digging to the bottom of a drawer to find the one you need, as they are all easily visible and accessible.

11. Dovetail Joint Drawers

dovetail joint drawers

If you really want a quality kitchen that will last forever, dovetail joint drawers are the way to go. Not only do they look beautiful, but they are crafted to stand up to extreme wear and tear. Take a closer look and you’ll also see an electrical outlet easily concealed on the side pillar – out of sight yet easily accessible

12. Integrated Soap Dispensers

soap pump

Clean counters look so much better than soap bottles! Integrating soap pumps into the design, makes for a clean look. Not only that, they’re super easy to use one-handed, and are extremely functional.

13. Open Island Display

kitchen island display

Open storage it a great way to add a pop of colour on the side of your island. Weather it’s wine storage or adjustable shelves for cookbooks, we love the splash of colour added to this elegant white kitchen. Take a closer look to see the outlet hiding in the top panel – again out of sight yet easily accessible

14. Hidden Island Storage

kitchen island storage

The perfect place to store all those items used only once or twice a year. You know the ones we’re talking about; seasonal dinnerware, serving trays, small appliances, cloth napkins and tablecloths, and anything else used less regularly. Add storage on the back of your island so it’s out of sight, yet easily accessible.

15. Concealed Beverage Chiller

kitchen beverage cooler

Conceal all your beverages in these panel-ready refrigerator drawers. Makes for easy access and keeps your main fridge free for all your produce.  Easily adjust the temperature to keep your beverages just right.

16. Hidden Utensil Organizer

utensil organizer

Hide all your spatulas, whisks, ladles, and flippers in these clever metal canisters. This keeps them out of the cutlery drawers and off the counters, but still incredibly accessible.

17. Walk-in Pantry

kitchen pantry

We absolutely love this walk-in pantry! It has all the fixings you would ever need; separate prep sink, wine chiller, open shelving storage, full upright freezer, wall oven, built-in microwave & plenty of hidden storage! And an added bonus on this design, the walk-through pantry leads straight to the mudroom off the garage, making hauling in groceries a breeze!

18. Pull out Garbage & Recycling

Kitchen garbage and recycling pullout

Keep the messes hidden, while easily accessible at the same time. A pull-out garbage is ideally placed beside the sink and close to the dishwasher, making clean up quick and easy.

19. Roll-Out Shelving & Pull-Out Lemans

roll-out shelving and kitchen Lemans

We all know reaching items on the bottom shelf is a real struggle, requiring you to get right down on the floor. Save your back and knees by integrating these soft-close roll out shelves to store all your dry goods, or pull-out lemans in lower cabinets. No more getting down on hands and knees, or aching backs from bending over.

20. Island Pillars & Kick Sweeps

island pillars and kicksweep

Pillars on the end of islands add intricate detail but are also extremely functional by easily concealing power outlets. Forget the dustpan, use this kick sweep instead! It’s fully integrated into the central vac system, taking sweeping the floor to a whole new level.

There are literally endless possibilities when designing a truly custom kitchen! At Ramton Homes we ensure that EVERY single detail of your kitchen is thoroughly and meticulously planned. We walk you through every step of planning and designing to ensure you get the kitchen you’ll love!

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