Building a custom home is the largest investment most Canadians will make in their life time. Interviewing your builder should be a priority when building the home of your dreams. The following interview points will help you narrow down the builder that is best suited for your building needs.

Builders History

Background on the builders you have chosen to interview is important. How many years have they been in business? What type of warranty is offered and are they in good standing with their warranty provider? Are local business licences and permits required and up to date? Is your builder part of any local organizations connected with the building industry?

Organizations such as the CHBA ensure their builders are up to date on the latest industry changes. These few background questions should give you some security in knowing how committed and knowledgeable your builder is.

Quality of the ProductIs the builder you are choosing going to be able to meet your standard of quality? Be sure to tour previous projects, and take a look at some of the work they have completed. Find out if local building code is a standard or if a higher standard is set and achieved. Some builders may supply a list of additions that come as a standard. 

Qualifications, achievements, and awards show that a builder is striving to be the best.

Site Management
Who will be looking after your new home during construction? This could be a company owner, a lead carpenter, or a site superintendent. How much time will they be dedicating to your project? Smaller homes may require very little site management, a larger complex home may require full time site management. Site management needs to be completed by someone who is experienced. Proper site management can eliminate errors and keep a job on time and budget.

Completion and Maintenance

Can your builder finish your home in the allotted time frame? Missed possession dates can be very costly and stressful. When your home is complete and you are all moved in, will you ever hear from your builder again? Find out how to make a service request, how much time will they take to respond, and what is considered the builders responsibility. Answers to these questions will be given by previous customers. References are key to finding information about your potential builder. Most builders will be happy to supply a list of people that they have done work for in the past. 

Before you make that single biggest purchase, you want to be sure you are getting the most home for the best value. Communication is key to making a home purchase or custom build go smoothly. After interviewing your potential builders, you should be comfortable trusting one to take your ideas and making them reality.

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