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There is no doubt that the past few years our building industry has had its ups and downs.  This has caused some uncertainty in the market, and you may be asking the question, “When should I build? Should I build now, or hold off and see what the market will do?”

There are two items needing consideration when answering this question. 

  1. What is the custom-building market doing?
  2. What is your reason for building?

Current Building Market

Over the past few years, we have seen many obstacles thrown at us, product availability,  price increases, and a shortage of skilled labor.  With past low interest rates and a high demand for homes, this was the perfect storm for our building industry.  At Ramton Homes we doubled down on our efforts to make this a seamless experience for our current and incoming clients.

Product Lead Times

Building materials such as window, doors, and trusses have lengthy lead times, upwards of 8-12 weeks.   We have combated this by adjusting our systems and placing the orders at the earliest possible time.  With our process many selections are complete at the time of contract and we are able to order as soon as the I’s are dotted and T’s are crossed.  So, before we have a hole in the ground, we are certain the products you have selected are on order and will be delivered on time.  With our planning and ordering systems, lead times are a non-issue.

build lumber pricing

Currently building materials have stabilized and we are not seeing the sharp increases or decreases like we have seen in the past.  Problem materials such as lumber, drywall, and insulation have leveled out and are readily available.  This pinch on supplies also turned our focus to sourcing alternative products. During this pricing exercise we discovered many great quality products at much better rates.  

Skilled Labor

One common issue our building industry has is a shortage of skilled labor.  This is not specific to any one subcontractor or supplier; it is industry wide.  Since the start, Ramton Homes has developed long term relationships with subcontractors and suppliers that employ amazing skilled trades people.  These relationships allow us to keep projects on budget and on time. 

Reason for Building

Everyone has a specific reason for building their custom dream home.   Some of the reasons are time sensitive and others are just for comfort and function.

Have you Outgrown your Space?

New family member on the way, or your current family’s outgrown the space you are in?  You may need more bedrooms, larger living space, or a home office.  Designing your new kitchen or mudroom is only a few ideas from being a reality.

Do you need a Better Location?

Driving across town for school, work, or activities is not ideal.  Being close to the amenities we use on a regular basis is the key to not spending most of your life behind the wheel driving to all the destinations. Location may also mean you would like to have enough land to have a horse, a couple cows, or some chickens.  These are all great reasons to explore a better location for your custom home.   

Is now the time to upgrade?  

Some of the most common “extravagant upgrades” we have seen are gyms, pools, golf simulators, and theaters. These are great additions that bring lots of life to a new home.  Entertaining guests is something most of us have in common and we would love to design your perfect entertaining space. The family home that’s been in your family for generations, just might not cut it anymore.

before build
after build

At Ramton Homes we all have families, and we know how fast life goes by. Having the comforts of a custom home designed the way you want, in the perfect location, is something you deserve.   Our building industry is solid, and we have the tools to make your custom home a reality.  There is no better time then now to get started.

Are you looking to build? Have questions you want answers to? Contact us today!

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